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Feast Day:  July 25

Patron Saint of bachelors, transportation, traveling, storms, gardners, and toothache.

His name is a translation of "Christ-bearer," meaning he "bore Christ" in his mind, heart, and body.  In the Middle Ages, legends grew that he literally carried a child who proved almost too heavy for him.  It turned out to be the Christ Child bearing the weight of  the world. He is still venerated privately and in local churches around the world.

Although he was removed from the universal Church calendar in 1969 because his legends eclipsed his verifiable history,  St. Christopher certainly existed.  He was an early martyr who was beheaded after attempts to kill him with arrows failed. Written accounts agree that he was an extremely large, strong man, and churches were dedicated to him at an early date.


Plaster and horse hair statue. Polychrome. Glass eyes. Made by the Daprato Company, circa 1930’s. The child on his shoulder is Christ holding an orb, representing the world.


Saint Christopher

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