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Feast Day:  June 13

Dates:  1195 - 1231
Patron Saint of lost and stolen articles

Those who turn to this saint merely to find lost articles are missing the depth of a great Doctor of the Church.  Born to a noble family in Portugal, Anthony received a brilliant education in the Scriptures which would later make him revered as “The Hammer of the Heretics.”  As a Franciscan friar he distinguished himself preaching to crowds of thousands.  In Padua, Italy he converted hearts, reconciled enemies, and was called “Wonder Worker.”  He tried to abolish debtors’ prisons and usury and developed a system for practical charity.   It is still customary to give a donation, “St. Anthony’s Bread,” to the poor on Tuesdays if you have received an answer to prayer.


Saint Anthony of Padua, holding the Christ Child on a Bible

The stocky, olive-skinned, young saint is shown in art as fair and slender, holding the Christ Child on a Bible, an image from a private 17th-century revelation.

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